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Matsui Mokkou - Wooden furniture manufacturer in Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture which is famous as a furniture town in Japan

The value that comes from traditional techniques and new style.
Since its establishment in 1926 (Taisho 15), Matsui Mokko has manufactured living furniture that is inspired by the climate and customs.
And, in the modern change of living style and living space, while cherishing the traditional production technique, we continue to make furniture which aimed at Japanese culture.
Taking advantage of a commitment to the furniture making that has been accumulated over many years, we believe in creating the value that fused with the new style.

Aiming for a new lifestyle in the future.
The furniture is created by designers and craftsmen with the aim of manufacturing with an unprecedented new perspective. We will make many thorough meetings before completion, and repeat the trial production to check and correct the details of the design. The on-site dialogue is the ideal form where designers and craftsmen can proceed with production at the closest distance.
With its close relationship, we will propose products that satisfy our customers as a daily tool.



Matsui Mokko

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