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Interior designer Masuko Unayama founded SyuRo in 2000, a small store in her native district Torigoe, Tokyo selling designed everyday-products. Located in an area filled with classic typesetters, canning factories, cloth wholesalers, and hardware stores, she was particularly inspired by the small family-run factories engaging in meticulous “monozukuri”, a unique Japanese manufacturing style which mainly means craftsmanship and dedication towards continuous improvement.

Today’s world has forgotten “monozukuri” in favour of “cheap mass production”, which has caused some artisans to leave their traditional skills against their will. Masuko believes they must retain the treasures of their artisans, so she decided to create a place for them to work where they can explore their skills at making high quality objects. One area that they’ve excelled in is the production of traditional metal cans for the household, which are perfect for storing tea and other foods. Each one is shaped and hammered by hand before being polished and treated. Over time they will gracefully change colour and age as the metal oxidises.


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