Japanese raisin tree / クロウメモドキ科ケンポナシ属 / 日本

Beautiful wood grain fine tree
At the same time as the fruit the root branches swelled to about the same thickness, sweetened like pears (pears) and can be eaten, which is also said to be effective for hangover. Sometimes you decoct leaves and bark and drink like tea. Since the appearance of a tree is like a branched dried grape, it is called Japanese raising tree in English. Because the wood grain is beautiful, it is mainly used as an interior material such as a floor pedestal and a landing gear, furniture material, and a construction material.

果実と同時にその根元の枝が同じくらいの太さにふくらんで、ナシ(梨)のように甘くなり食べられ、これは二日酔いに効くともいわれる。葉や樹皮を煎じて茶のように飲むこともある。木の見た目は枝つき干し葡萄のようなので、英語ではJapanese raisin treeという。木目が美しいため床柱や落とし掛けなどの内装材や家具材、造作材として主に用いられる。

Japanese Raisin Tree

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