Migusa - Sekisui Tatami Living
In a modern house with a focus on flooring, a new lifestyle incorporating a "floor" familiar to Japanese people.
Families gather, relax and talk with important people. Family and guests meet through "Tatami". Rich communication and deep satisfaction is enhanced between relationships.
The "System Tatami" developed by Sekisui in flooring space such as for living room, will provide you with a relaxing tatami corner with a rimless tatami mat with the same thickness as flooring. Walking barefoot on the tatami mat, I feel comfortable about rolling and sleeping, it will give you an exceptional relaxation. In addition, it can be the play area for the young children and it is also recommended as a nap space. It provide a suitable cushioning to absorb shock. When you take "Tatami" into your life, it creates a spacious and open feeling, to give the family a wealth of room and space.

Migusa Sekisui Tatami goes to the middle of life with my family. Comfortable time spreads around Migusa Sekisui Tatami.

積水ミグサ - 畳の暮らし

畳は私の家族と一緒に人生の真ん中に行きます。 積水ミグサ畳の周りに心地よい時間が広がります。