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Koizumi Fantech Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 as a subsidiary of Koizumi Sangyo Co., Ltd.'s furniture business, and will celebrate its 15th year this year. From this year, we will concentrate our business on learning furniture and study furniture, from planning to sales. The founding of the parent company Koizumi Sangyo Co., Ltd. dates back to the first year of Kyoho (1716). I think that the reason why we have been able to continue for nearly 300 years since our founding is that we have run our business in the spirit of “Mikata Yoshi”, a morality peculiar to Omi merchants. "Yoshimi Mikata" means "good for seller, good for buyer, good for the public", and we value the contribution not only to a specific buyer but to the entire community. At Koizumi Fantech Co., Ltd., we aim to "become a company with a sense of originality and to be a company where all employees are rewarding" as a brand maker that is unique and loved and trusted by customers . And we will become Koizumi Fantech, which is loved and trusted by our customers.


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