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Behind the beauty, is the care of the wood craftsmen.

From mainstream minimalist design to furniture created with designers, MOBEL TOKO is producing creative and colorful furniture. So far, many works won prizes in design competition, and they are also dedicated to exhibiting in Japan and abroad. MOBEL TOKO leads the entire Asahikawa furniture industry and active throughout the world and continues to promote the popularity of Asahikawa Furniture.

Asahikawa, Hokkaido, is a city that continues to make furniture to this day. Its history begins with the end of the Meiji era, when all the good furniture makers emigrated from Honshu to northern Japan. Furniture production has since developed as an important industry in Asahikawa since quality has become more reliable by utilizing good materials cultivated by the Daisetsuzan family.

MOBEL TOKO have a workshop with excellent craftsmen in Asahikawa, and are pursuing the making of furniture that can be used in our daily lives. With the frontier spirits that have been cultivated in Asahikawa, we love the forests of this place and invents them from the time when we hear the voices from the trees. This is the origin of our furniture making.

大雪山系が育む良材を活用することで、品質がより確かなものとなり以来、家具製作は旭川の重大な産業として発展してきました。私たちメーベルトーコーも、この日本家具の源流といえる旭川の地に優れた職人を擁するワークショップを構え、暮らしのなかに活きる家具づくりを追求しています。旭川で脈々と培われてきたフロンティアスピリッツをもって、この地の森を愛し、木の声を傾けるころから発想する。 私たちの、家具づくりの原点です。


Mobel Toko

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