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Tendo Mokko is a Japanese furniture maker based in Tendō, Yamagata, Japan. The specialty of Tendo Mokko is making fine furniture that has won design awards from plywood, with some of their items, such as chairs and tables appearing in museums and commanding high prices at furniture auctions.

The value of craftsmanship at Tendo Woodworking (Tendo Mokko) is the pride of the craftsmen who work there, as the founders said: "Yamagata people are valuable because Tendo people make them." From its founding in 1940 to today, Tendo Woodworking has sent out numerous products from its birthplace, Tendo.

What is good furniture?
Tendo Mokko believe that it is an asset that will be passed on to the next generation.
We will meet Japanese lifestyles and deliver furniture that is passed on from parents to children and grandchildren from the birthplace, Tendo.

Tendo® Mokko

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