In 1946, shortly after the end of World War II, the founder Nagano Ryozo (1918–2001) started a furniture manufacturing business in the countryside of Amagi. Ryozo was thoroughgoing in Miso Koshi - Management, meaning that he never wasted a single piece of wood just like a thrifty cook would strain miso paste to make full use of it. If requested, Ryozo would carry furniture to Kitakyushu by cart. In the 1960s, his enthusiasm and down-to-earth management style enabled his business to rank at the top in the industry in terms of production scale with products enjoying wide recognition from customers across the country. For his management philosophy, Ryozo espoused the spirit of Wa (Harmony and Balance): have a sense of gratitude and willingness to serve by each supporting others.

Taking over his ideas, we continue to strive to develop human resources and products that win the trust of society as before.

Nagano Interior Industry will soon celebrate the 70th anniversary of its foundation. We could not have overcome many difficulties, and we would not be what we are today without customer support and patronage for which we would like to express our thanks. It is our earnest desire to deliver products that give greater satisfaction, and we hope to remain a company needed by society going forward.

第二次世界大戦終結直後の1946年、創業者の長野良三(1918年 - 2001年)は、天城の田舎で家具製造業を始めました。良蔵は味噌コシ経営に徹底的に取り組んでいました。要請があれば、領蔵は北九州市に家具をカートで運びます。 1960年代、彼の熱意と現実的な管理スタイルにより、彼のビジネスは生産規模の点で業界のトップにランクされ、製品は全国の顧客から広く認識されるようになりました。経営理念として、良三は和の精神(調和とバランス)を支持しました。



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