NIHON BED is the oldest bedding manufacturer in Japan:
Nihon Bed was founded in 1926 and today is the oldest bedding manufacturer in Japan of boxspring, mattress, sofa-bed and other upholstered furnitures.
NIHON BED is the most reliable name in sleep:
Following facts are the evidences to prove our continuous efforts to manufacture better quality products with the belief that better quality is the most powerful and effective advertisement.
Nihon Bed is the only bedding manufacture in Japan appointed by the Imperial Household Agency and has been serving for all important national guests visiting Japan.
NIHON BED is always going little ahead of the others seeking for better sleeping comfort and longer durability with an eye toward the coming up requirements of the user's side in various situation.
Refer to the wide variety of the products and the prominent features of them. 

Since 1926

日本ベッド、 創業以来の思い。それは、 暮らしに寄り添い、よい眠りのためにできるすべてを追求すること。
機械づくりからこだわったマットレス。空間を豊かにしつらえるベッドフレームやアクセサリー。そのひとつひとつが、 性能という価値を超え、上質な毎日をかなえるものへ。私たち日本ベッドは、 90年余の年月を積み重ね、いま、 100年への歩みを進めています。sleep as life 「眠りから暮らしを考える」 会社として。