Arco One-Arm Bench with Backrest

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120, 125, 130 135 cm
55.5 cm
75.5 cm (SEAT HEIGHT: 42cm)
White Oak, Walnut
Urethane paint




Surround the dining table like a dining room
and relax like a sofa

Sofa dining series "ARCO" where you can relax while eating rice.

In contrast to the rounded and gentle shape of the top plate and legs,
the beautifully calculated corners
give a stylish impression.


Have a rich time to relax during and after meals

It is an item that expands
the range of living, with the added function of relaxing in the dining space, surrounding the dining table like a dining room, and relaxing like a sofa.


Relax in the dining room.
Wide seating surface that you want to sit after eating

A spacious size with a depth of 41 cm designed to be wider than a general sofa bench for all sofas, corner sofas, and benches.

The seat height is designed to be 42 cm, which matches the height of a typical dining table . We also paid particular attention to the
feeling of space when sitting, the comfort of sitting,
and the balance with the table.


Introducing the materials used in Takano Woodworking

Oak are worshiped as sacred trees in Greek mythology, and have been revered as KING OF FOREST in Britain because of their dignified and beautiful tree shape. The characteristics of wood are that it is hard, heavy, strong, and durable.
"Walnut" boasts a high-quality atmosphere and high durability Walnut, which is one of the world's three most famous trees, has been used for high-class furniture and crafts for a long time, and is useful as a stock and musical instrument material due to its impact-resistant properties. Has been done. The surface of the wood is a beautiful deep brown with a luster peculiar to walnut, and it is a wood with strong stickiness and high durability.
Warm texture "Alder wood" Alder, which is mainly produced on the northwest coast of the Pacific Ocean and in Europe , is a soft and highly processable wood among hardwoods. The color of alder is light reddish brown or yellowish brown with warm wood grain. The deep natural color and the unique texture of the material are unique to Alder wood.


Solid wood
Solid natural wood is a carved material of the wood itself. The biggest attraction of solid natural wood is its "texture". Solid wood is also characterized by its durability, which can be used for years and decades as long as it is well maintained. It is a unique way to enjoy solid wood, as you can enjoy the scratches that occur as you continue to use it, along with the memories of your family, and feel the attachment.
wood veneer is a sliced ​​natural wood sheet attached to a board such as veneer. Since it is made by cutting solid wood thinly, you can enjoy the atmosphere like solid wood while keeping the grain of wood. In particular, it is processed as a veneer in order to effectively use high-grade and rare wood and famous wood.

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