Puro Golden Teak Round Table

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Myanmar Teak
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Designed by: Mr Nobuo Mori

Myanmar Teak

Myanmar teak is called “natural teak”, “true teak”, etc. It is authentic wood, completely different from “cultivated teak” from Indonesia and Malaysia. Due to its excellent strength and beauty, it has been used as a high class construction material in Europe and throughout the world since long ago. This wood has a long history.

It is known for its great durability, water resistance and strength in sea water. Teak has been an important material for ship decks since long ago. Teak was used on the ship deck of the luxury ship RMS Titanic, that sunk in the North Atlantic in 1912. It has even been confirmed that this teak has not rotten at the bottom of the sea.

Teak has other benefits besides these strengths.

Wood is affected by light and oxidation. Its color changes with time. But teak has special characteristics that change differently from other woods.

Teak has a characteristic dark grain and stain-like patterns. But as time passes, these soften and blend into their surroundings, for an integrated impression overall. It changes from bands of tea and yellow into a caramel color.

Beauty and depth of Myanmar Teak increase with time.

New teak wood has its characteristic dark grains and thick patterns in places. But with time, its pattern and tea and tan color bands steadily change over time as its dark grain and thick patterns soften. It changes into caramel color, creating a calm, elegant ambiance.



Myanmar Teak Characteristics

  • Long Life

Myanmar teak uses mature trees that have grown for 150 to over 200 years. A ring is cut around the tree before cutting it down. Then it is diligently cut into lumber, dried, and processed. This all takes 6 to 7 years until delivery to customers. It is generally said to maintain its quality for about the same number of years as the treeʼs life. Its dignity grows with time, with no fading.

  • Strong against water

Very old Myanmar teak contains much natural oil. Strong against wind and rain, it does not decay. It has been used to build ships, as lumber for bridge piers, etc.

Strong against humidity

Teak grows in tropical rainforests. It is strong against high temperature and humidity, with little shrinking, stretching or warping. This makes it good for climates like Japan.

  • Strong against insects

Very old Myanmar teak has much natural oil which contains tectoquinone. It is very resistant against termites and other insects.

  • Chemical treatment is not needed

The lumber itself has excellent resistance to insects and heat, so chemical treatment against insects and water is not needed in its manufacturing process. Therefore, Myanmar teak can be used with children and pets safely without worries.




  • 時間経過に強い


  • 水・雨・海水に強い


  • 湿気に強い


  • 虫に強い


  • 化学処理が不要














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