DI CLASSE Auro mirror pendant lamp

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PET sheet, polycarbonate, steel
Diameter 37 x Height 41(cm)
Attached light bulb:
E-26 100W incandescent ordinary bulb (clear)
Country of Origin:
Quality check in JAPAN, Made in CHINA




When the light is off, the mirror effect is strong and the shade is not very transparent, but when the light is on, it creates a more transparent feeling and you can enjoy a different look.


      auro-mirror-pl-detail02.jpg      auro-mirror-pl-detail05.jpg  


-Auro- is inspired by the mysterious and beautiful light gradation of the aurora .

Light is diffusely reflected on the drape of the half mirror shade,
giving off a fantastic glow.

Even a single light can look like an object, but by using multiple lights, you can create a powerful aurora that
looks like a work of art . For the shade of Auro's mirror, we use her half-mirror sheet, which is a PET film with special metal processing . While suppressing the glare of the light from the light bulb, the sheet diffusely reflects the light, creating a beautiful aurora-like effect. 

The shade can be assembled (requires about 15-20 minutes), so it can be removed and wiped down for general cleaning. You can carry it compactly even when you move. It has also won the Good Design Award.





■Materials: PET sheet, polycarbonate, steel
■Size: Shade size: Diameter 37 x Height 41(cm)
Dimension from ceiling to bottom of shade (total height): Minimum 58-Maximum 117(cm) *Adjustable height
■ Cord: Hanging ceiling Cord hanging white cord
■Color: Mirror
■Attached light bulb: E-26 100W incandescent ordinary bulb (clear)
*LED bulbs can be used. However, the appearance (shadows, light output, etc.) may differ from when using an incandescent bulb Weight :
approx . Assembly time: about 15 minutes)