DI CLASSE Covus Table Lamp

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Width 23 x Depth 14 x Height 36.5 (cm)
LED mini bulb (Frost) E17 / 4.1W
2 Pin (Adapter required in Singapore)
Japanese Paper, Steel
Made in JAPAN
Light bulb not included



COVUS Table Lamp

Covus table lamp DI CLASSE by Domei desing

Covus table lamp


designed by Domei.me
collaborate with NPO Uonuma Exchange Network

Japan design produced at the request of Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture.
We have created lighting products that are sustainable and have a mechanism that creates employment opportunities .

An object-like light "Kobus" designed with the shape of a fist, which is also a tree in Uonuma City (* image right).
When lit, a fantastic light through Japanese paper spreads.
We have added a dynamic design to the
smooth curve so that it looks like a person who is about to start moving.

Tochigi Prefecture's "Karasuyama Washi" is used for the shade.
It is a historical traditional craft used by the Imperial Household Agency, which is used at the beginning of the song party.
For COVUS, we use the raw material of Japanese paper processed by the latest technology for which a patent application has been filed.


Karasuyama Japanese paper Covus base
Covus shade

A cover is attached to prevent the light bulb from touching the shade directly. The base has a luxurious chrome-plated finish.
A small magnet is embedded in the mouth of the shade, and when placed on the base, the magnet sticks to the base and is fixed.

Cobbs table lamp DI CLASSE by Domei desing
Make Uonuma City, which is nurtured in abundant nature, more energetic

Fist fruit Fist fruit with a unique shape.
However, its appearance is not well known.
The fist is also a tree of the city, and it was designed as a symbolic object to shed
light on the unique shape of the fruit and pass it on to future generations in Uonuma City.

Made-to-order product: We will manufacture after receiving your order.

■ Color: White
■ Material: Steel, Japanese Paper
■ Size: Width 23 x Depth 14 x Height 36.5 (cm)
Switch, Cord: ON / OFF intermediate switch with black cord
Recommended Light Bulb: LED mini bulb (Frost) E17 / 4.1W
440 lumens (*Brightness equivalent to 40W incandescent bulb) Color temperature: 2700 Kelvin
*This LED bulb is a human sensor, remote control switch, and step dimming switch (light) Control) etc. cannot be used together.
*Incandescent light bulbs and light bulb type fluorescent lights cannot be used.
■ Weight: Approx. 1.3kg

■ Note:
Japanese paper shades are made by hand. Since it is a delicate material and structure, please handle it gently.
Since the thickness of Japanese paper is slightly different depending on the location, the appearance of shadows when lit is different one by one.
*Since it is a made-to-order product, we cannot accept cancellation after ordering.

This is a special product that uses recycled materials.
Please order after agreeing to the following precautions.

■ This product is made by hand. Please use it gently as it is a delicate material and structure.
■ Since we have commercialized the individuality of the material so that you can enjoy it as it is
as much as possible, the shape and size are slightly different one by one. We hope that you will enjoy the products you receive as a single item.
■ Because natural wood is used, there are individual differences in the color and pattern of the shade.
■ Since the shade reuses the plane scraps generated during sawing, there are some that have
fine scratches or hangnail-like shapes, but this is not a defect.
■ We cannot accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations of non-defective products after they have been shipped.
■ When using, be sure to check the instruction manual attached to the product. 

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