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LED Solar Stone

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  • LED Solar Stone
  • LED Solar Stone
  • LED Solar Stone
  • LED Solar Stone
  • LED Solar Stone
  • LED Solar Stone
  • LED Solar stone
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S$41.60 - S$49.93



Approx. W14.5 × D12.7 × H8 (cm)
Approx. W16.8 × D14.5 × H10.7 (cm)
Glass, plastic (ABS resin)
QC in JAPAN, Made in CHINA


LED Solar Stone

A sensor-type solar light that is charged with natural light.

The stone shape LED light is charged with sunlight, and automatically lights up (*1) when it gets dark. By arranging different sizes of Small and Large, you can reproduce the shape of the stone closer to nature. If you put some in the garden or the front door, it will light up naturally like a stepping stone. It is a battery type that is drip-proof (*2) and does not require an outlet, so it can be used outdoors. Can also be used for gardening as a garden stone.

A typical solar light has a mechanical solar panel prominently on the top of the fixture, but Di Classe's LED solar stone is built into the glass and has a clean design.

  • (*1) Does not light up in bright places.
  • (*2) Since it is not waterproof, it cannot be used in places where there is heavy rain or where water accumulates.


How to use LED Solar Stone

■ Color: Frost
■ Material: Glass, plastic (ABS resin)
■ Size:
S: Approx. Width 14.5 x Depth 12.7 x Height 8 (cm)
L: Approx. Width 16.8 x Depth 14.5 x Height 10.7 (cm)
■ Specifications:
・Drip-proof specifications (can be used outdoors)
*Since it is not waterproof, avoid using it in places where there is heavy rain or where water accumulates.
・Sensor switch (lights up automatically when dark. There is also manual ON / OFF switch)
*Does not light in bright places.
■ Light: LED, 0.06W 3 lumens 3000 Kelvin (bulb color)
■ Battery: AAA nickel metal hydride battery x1
*Use dry batteries (alkaline, manganese), lithium ion batteries, etc. **Do not use batteries other than nickel-metal hydride batteries, as this may cause damage to the batteries holder as well as the equipment.
*The rechargeable batteries are consumables. If the charging time becomes shorter, replace it with a new battery.
■ Charging / lighting time:
Charging for about 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Charge the solar panel (upper part of the body) by direct sunlight.
*Those places that block sunlight on cloudy days or around the solar panel. If it is, it takes time to charge.
*Cannot be charged on rainy days.
■ Weight:
S: Approx. 0.25kg
L: Approx. 0.4kg

■ Please note:
Light of color and the thickness of the glass, there is the case that there are individual differences. There may contain small bubbles in the glass portion.

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