LITERIE R30 mattress

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¥43,382.00 - ¥65,182.00




Single size:
(W)100 × (L)198 × (H)5cm
Core material:
Light wave (100% polyethylene)
Side material:
Front: 3-layer mesh (100% polyester) / Back: Sports mesh (100% polyester)
Country of Origin:



We responded to the voice of people who were worried about night sweats and odours 

from the mattress and wanted to sleep clean all the time. 

In addition to function such as "high resilience" and "high breathability", the antibacterial and deodorizing cover

and core material shut out unpleasant odours. 


Here is the R30 mattress point
  • Everything is washable so you can sleep clean and refreshed
  • Block the growth of bacteria with antibacterial and deodorizing effects! No smell of sweat during sleep
  • Excellent breathability to support a good night's sleep
  • The 3-zone design makes it easy to toss and turn , supporting your "sleeping posture"
  • Reversible specifications that can be used according to the season and purpose
  • Can be placed on top of your mattress or used as is


All the covers and contents can be washed and kept clean
What do you do about sebum, hair, dandruff, dust, moisture and dirt on your mattress? Are you pretending not to see the contents of your mattress?
Unlike conventional mattresses and futons, the R30 mattress is completely washable, including the cover and core material.

The core material can be easily taken out just by opening the zipper on the cover, so even if it gets dirty, it can be dealt with immediately. The cover is machine washable and the core material can be washed off in the bathroom shower to keep it clean.


Suppresses the growth of bacteria and shuts out odors!
All antibacterial and deodorizing, all washable and completely clean specifications suppress the increase of bacteria that cause aging odours from the 30s.

Both the cover and the core material are all "antibacterial and deodorizing" specifications, so you can use it without worrying about odours. Recommended for men and women who are concerned about the smell of bedding.


Can be used on top of your mattress

In addition to being used directly on flooring, beds, and tatami mats, it can also be used as
an overlay type that can be placed on top of your existing mattress for a more comfortable sleep.
It is also ideal for those who want to make the most of their existing mattresses


Easy to carry and space-saving by folding

Easy to fold in three (patented technology) Space-saving design makes it convenient to carry. It's thin, light, and can be folded in three, so
it's easy to put in and take out like a futon.