MOARE Nido Floor Stand Light

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Hard Maple, Black Walnut
Clear Matte Paint
E17 LED (Bulb not included)
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MOARE Nido Mini Stand Light
Designed by: Mr. Tatsuya Shibutani

A floor stand that designs even the overflowing light.

If you were invited to a friend's house and had this kind of lighting, you would think that you are a pretty fashionable expert. Many people are particular about furniture and figurines, but most of the lighting has a simple design. It is an item that shines only for that. I would like to recommend this "nido" floor stand to those who love such interiors. The maker is Kakinoshita Wood Industry Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1957 in Hida Takayama, which is famous for producing woodwork furniture. In 2007, "Moire" was born as a brand of wooden lighting. The design is very stylish while inheriting the traditional heart and technique that lives in Hida furniture. The designer is convinced to know Mr. Tatsuya Shibuya, who won the Good Design Award in 2015.

nido floor stand

The synergistic effect of the warmth of natural wood and the beauty of light.

Clear light is required for office lighting, but at home, it needs to be soft and comfortable. Moire lighting is warm because it is based on natural wood, while its stylish design gives us comfort. These products were created with the hope that they will value products based on such attractiveness and help the people who use them to live a rich life. Please enjoy the relaxing time under the high quality light.

nido Floor stand (middle)
Tree species: walnut

PROTO No.401 Cabinet (left)
Tree species: walnut

nido floor stand

Healed by the warm light spilling from the slit.

Delicately stacked slits reminiscent of lattice doors. The soft, overflowing light slowly spreads, casting beautiful shadows on the floor. But the source of this light is an ordinary LED bulb. Moreover, since the specification is a general model of 40W / base E17, you can purchase it at a mass retailer near you when you replace it. In addition, the LED light hardly generates ultraviolet rays that insects approach and heat that causes fading of clothes, so you can continue to use it safely without worrying about fire.

nido floor stand
tree species: walnut

nido floor stand

A slim design that highlights the beauty of the famous wood.

The height of the slender stand is 160 cm. It even has the style of a family monument. What makes such dignity stand out is the material carefully selected by experienced craftsmen. First of all, the shade part is "Maple" with a neat white and smooth wood surface. And the base uses "walnut" which is chic and mature with deep brown. The high-density wood grain cultivated over time is both durable and beautiful.

nido floor stand
tree species: walnut

nido floor stand

Legs that firmly support the tall floor stand.

Japan is a country with many earthquakes, so I'm worried about the sense of stability. But don't worry about this nido floor stand. The large round legs firmly support this seemingly unstable high stand on the surface. In addition, the power supply is equipped with a "foot switch" that can be operated with a single step even while standing. Moreover, since it is located in the middle of the stretched cord and separated from the main body, it does not shake the stand when the switch is turned on.

MOARE Nido Floor Stand Light. "Light of the object sense" - Using the craftsmanship, the craftsmen took full advantage of the goodness of wood, making full use of precise processing technology, but also enhancing to the quality of light. Direct light emitting out of the slit and with mixing of the light reflected by the wood, it became a soft and comfortable light. Furthermore, in order to feel the warmth of the wood, the form is slim and linear, making the texture stands out. 

*Only use designated LED bulbs. Do not use incandescent or fluorescent lamps. It may cause a fire. 

■ Because it is handmade, depending on the situation it may take up to 3 weeks to complete the product.
■ Because we are using natural materials, there are some differences in actual color, texture, size.
■ Depending on the characteristics of wooden materials, depending on the passage of time and the use environment, sunburn discoloration and warping may occur. Please refrain from using it especially at the window where the direct sunlight hits or the place where the wind of the air conditioner hits directly.
■ When the product becomes dirty, please clean with a squeezed dry wet cloth followed by wiping off moisture with a dry cloth.
■ The actual product may look different from the color pattern shown in the product photo.

MOARE Nido Floor Stand Light 洋室に置いたときに和の味を感じることができるフロアスタンドです。「オブジェクトセンスの光」の直線の束と2度の傾斜を描いた圧倒的な存在感。鋭い形とは対照的に、それは木の間で穏やかに漏れる光によって癒されます。

■ 手作りのため、状況によっては商品が完成するまで3週間ほどかかる場合があります。
■ 天然素材を使用しているため、実際の色、質感、サイズに多少の違いがあります。
■ 木質材料の特性によっては、時間の経過や使用環境によっては、日焼けによる変色や反りが生じる場合があります。直射日光が当たる窓やエアコンの風が直接当たる場所では特に使用を控えてください。
■ 製品が汚れたときは、絞った乾いた布で拭いてから、乾いた布で水分を拭き取ってください。
■ 実際の商品は商品写真のカラーパターンとは外観が異なる場合があります。