MOARE Venti Pendant Light

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Approx. 500g
LED Bulb (40W Base E17)
Walnut / Maple / Oak
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MOARE Venti Pendant Light
Designed by: Mr. Tatsuya Shibuya, who won the Good Design Award in 2015.

Rich light illuminated by a compact icosagon shade.

If you were invited to a friend's house and had this kind of lighting, you would think that you are a pretty advanced person. Many people are particular about furniture and figurines, but most of the lighting has a simple design. It is an item that shines only for that. I would like to recommend this "Venti" pendant to those who love such interiors. The maker is Kakinoshita Wood Industry Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1957 in Hida Takayama, which is famous for producing woodwork furniture.

*LIGHT SOCKET: LED Bulb (40W Base E17)

venti pendant

The synergistic effect of the warmth of natural wood and the beauty of light.

Clear light is required for office lighting, but at home, it needs to be soft and comfortable. Moire lighting is warm because it is based on natural wood, while its stylish design gives us comfort. These products were created with the hope that they will value products based on such attractiveness and help the people who use them to live a rich life. Please enjoy the relaxing time under the high quality light.

venti pendant

Small shades are brightened by the spotlight effect.

Small lighting with a diameter of only 16cm. However, you will be surprised at its brightness. The spotlight-like shade maximizes and intensively illuminates the light power of only one light bulb. However, the light is reflected off the wooden board, so there is no stimulating glare. By the way, the light bulb is an energy-saving LED that does not generate heat, and it is a model with 40W / Base E17.

venti pendant

The luxury of choosing from three types of famous wood from around the world.

There are 3 types of shade materials. From the far left, the grayish brown is easy to adapt to other interiors, the strong wood grain is attractive "Oak", the deep chic color is mature and stylish atmosphere "Walnut", and the white wood surface and modest wood grain have an elegant "Maple". All of them are famous trees that have been used for high-class furniture all over the world since ancient times. High quality urethane is carefully painted and finished so as not to spoil the goodness of such famous wood.

■ Because it is handmade, depending on the situation it may take up to 3 weeks to complete the product.
■ Because we are using natural materials, there are some differences in actual color, texture, size.
■ Depending on the characteristics of wooden materials, depending on the passage of time and the use environment, sunburn discoloration and warping may occur. Please refrain from using it especially at the window where the direct sunlight hits or the place where the wind of the air conditioner hits directly.
■ When the product becomes dirty, please clean with a squeezed dry wet cloth followed by wiping off moisture with a dry cloth.
■ The actual product may look different from the color pattern shown in the product photo.


Designer: Tatsuya Shibuya

Born in Kobe in 1963. Worked on product planning, development and design at a major lighting manufacturer. In 2012, he established Tatsuya Shibuya Design Office and released original works such as "Nido" and "Tipo". While planning and designing lighting equipment, he is engaged in a wide range of activities such as craft techniques, research on the utilization of forest resources in Japan, and research on the design of inns.

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