MOBEL Palapeli Table Circle

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Urethane paint
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Mobel Toko / Palapeli Table Circle

Develop your imagination.

Puzzle furniture born in Asahikawa in Northern Europe. "PALAPELI" in Finnish means "jigsaw puzzle". Foster rich imagination by combining various colors and shapes.


Concept / コンセプト  

PALAPELI is a collapsible furniture series designed for children.
The main idea of the design is that it grows with the child. It also teaches causal connections to a child: if it is assembled incorrectly, it will not work.
The design also helps children to understand the very basic logic of numerical order. Even young children can assemble PALAPELI furniture with some help from an adult. It is possible and fun to assemble and disassemble the chair or the table over and over again, just like a puzzle. When children can take part in making their own furniture, they may also grow more attached to them, and will hopefully want to use them for a longer time.

The shape of the joint which resembles a snowflake is also present on the package graphics. Falling snowflakes are a common sight both in Hokkaido and in Finland so it was a natural choice as a theme for the PALAPELI design. For me the snowflake design also symbolizes the collaboration between two parties from snowy countries. 



PALAPELI Table Triangle Green

You can also enjoy the time to assemble. Simple design that is kind to parents and children.

Because it is a small piece of furniture, it is easy to handle even for women and elderly people. Assemble with your child from the moment they arrive. With round legs that are easy to hold and an easy-to-understand design that you can place along the groove, you can complete it in no time. However, it is necessary to devise a little in how to assemble the legs.
Let's take a good look at the uneven shape and finish it while matching it well. I think that assembling a table that can be used actually leads to joy and self-confidence that toys like blocks and puzzles do not have.


The adjusters on the legs are removable. Furniture that grows together.

Color accents on the legs that are common to all designs. The exquisite design that is not too childish is stylish for adults. In addition, the height can be adjusted in two steps by removing the colored part of the leg. You can remove it at first and attach it when it grows to lengthen the legs. At first glance, it may seem like a slight difference, but children's growth is so remarkable that they can no longer wear shoes that they could normally wear until a while ago. You can set the optimum height with a simple adjustment.


PALAPELI Table Boko Yellow (top) / PALAPELI Table Deko Orange (bottom) / PALAPELI Table Circle Pink (left) / PALAPELI Table Triangle Green (right)

Exciting color and shape variations.

The cuteness that makes us feel the children's happy voices. There are 6 colors and 4 types of shapes, with amazing variations. The groove on the back of the top plate that attaches the legs is a design that imitates snow crystals, and the shape of each top plate is made to follow the unevenness of each other, and when it is lined up, its cuteness is not another ratio. It's compactly packed and delivered so it's perfect as a gift, and it's easy to disassemble and recommended for families who often move.


PALAPELI Table Boko Yellow (left) / PALAPELI Bench Boko White (right)

A beautiful tree "Kaba" called the Queen of Hardwood.

All materials are made from high-quality, safe Hokkaido Hippo (Birch). Although it is a large tree with a height of 30m and a trunk thickness of about 1m, it is an elegant material with a slight pink color and a fine grain with no habit. Due to its beauty, it is used not only in furniture but also in interiors, and it has become difficult to obtain particularly good quality Hokkaido products. The luxury of using such materials for furniture for children. Please give me the joy of touching the real thing.


Overall Dimensions
φ599 × H442 mm

Wood Tree Species / Colors

Birch Orange - The bright and gorgeous orange is the perfect accent for the interior. The unobtrusive wood grain of Birch does not interfere with the bright painting.

Birch Yellow - The bright and gorgeous yellow color is perfect as an interior accent. The unobtrusive wood grain of Birch does not interfere with the bright painting.

Birch White - The refined white paint reveals a subtle wood grain of Birch. The refreshing color is perfect as an interior accent.

Birch Pink - The gentle and warm impression of pink makes it the perfect accent for your interior. The unobtrusive wood grain of Birch does not interfere with the bright painting.

Birch Light Blue - The gentle and refreshing light blue color is ideal as an interior accent. The unobtrusive wood grain of Birch does not interfere with the bright painting.

Birch Green - The bright and gorgeous green is perfect as an interior accent. The unobtrusive wood grain of Birch does not interfere with the bright painting.


Mikko Halonen

Born in Oulu, Finland in 1976. In 2001, graduated from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Craft Design Department, working as a freelancer. In 2010, completed the master's course at the Department of Furniture Design, Faculty of Arts and Architecture, Aalto University.

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