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MOBEL Sorahe Original

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  • MOBEL Sorahe Original
  • MOBEL Sorahe Original
  • MOBEL Sorahe Original
  • MOBEL Sorahe Original
  • MOBEL Sorahe Original
  • MOBEL Sorahe Original
  • MOBEL Sorahe Original
  • MOBEL Sorahe Original
  • MOBEL Sorahe Original
  • MOBEL Sorahe Original
  • Oak NA
  • Oak BL
  • Birch NA
  • Birch BL
  • Walnut NA
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S$2,696.40 - S$2,996.00


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[Custom-made] This product will be made-to-order. Please allow 3 months for delivery.
Oak / Birch / Walnut
Urethane paint
country origin:



Mobel Toko / Sorahe Original

The beauty of the tree and the design that extends to "SORAHE" that makes the storage attractive.

An infinitely simple design, a wide shelf that allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of wood grain ... When you look at this wooden shelf, you can feel it as if it were a living tree.
"Not only trees, but everything that extends vertically, such as buildings and poles of traffic lights, is narrow and narrow." SORAHE designer Takashi Kirimoto has noticed this phenomenon because the brick building in Rome is always "inward", with the upper part inclining inward. If you look closely, the columns of this shelf gradually become thinner toward the top. It is a projection of this modeling beauty. The form that is casually applied gives a sense of stability. The higher the position, the more delicate the effect is to make the whole room look brighter.
Everything that is in nature has a balance that has been perfected over the years, and its beauty is unwavering. This beautiful shelf creates a peaceful space in a room where inorganic appliances and other items are increasing. 

SORAHE Original / Small

SORAHE Original

An excellent product that achieves both the durability and light finish of a long-established store. The shelf board is an elaborate structure that is gradually thinned from 42 to 17 mm from the bottom. The pillars are made of "laminated plywood," which is made by peeling the material and making the wood grain cross each other. It is cheaper than solid wood, strong and less likely to warp, and it is also a method that can express curves. In addition, formaldehyde-free paint and F ☆☆☆☆ adhesive are used to improve health. Since it is delivered as a finished product, women and elderly people can order with confidence.

A shelf that has received numerous titles and has been recognized around the world. The round columns that are very rare on the shelves are stylish. The form that draws an arc that flows to the shelf is not only the design but also the skill of the outstanding craftsman. The perfect design that does not show a minute gap has been praised in various fields, won the "Gold Leaf Award" at IFDA (Asahikawa International Furniture Competition) in 2005, and the 2007 New Classic Award In addition to its name in the design group, it was selected for the Good Design Award “Good Design Best 100” in 2014.

Sophisticated design with beautiful shadows.

The top plate has a smooth and supple feel and a beautiful finish. This is a technology that Mabel Toukou is good at, because it uses a "veneer" that is made by peeling off expensive materials and pasting them together with other materials. The shelving, which has an excellent wood grain full of natural beauty, is a superb piece created by craftsmen who know wood very well and designers who continue to pursue beauty. The delicate design of the pillars, which become slimmer toward the top, expresses the strength that the trees are growing, and it is a glittering piece in the elegant design.

delicate structure that gradually becomes thinner toward the top.

"SORAHE Original" was commercialized after about a year of development by "MOBEL Touko", which was founded in 1973, in "Asahikawa", which is famous throughout the country for producing furniture. At the time of applying for the competition, the novel specification of assembling a thin plywood of 4mm with industrial magic tape attracted attention. In commercialization, we have improved every corner so that it can be used by more customers and is suitable for mass production.

W900 x D350 x H1900 mm

Oak NA - The strong and fearless wood grain gives it a unique presence. In addition, because of the unique fiber structure, sometimes a grain of wood called "Trafu", which resembles the pattern on the back of a tiger, appears, giving you a unique look.

Oak BL (Black color) - "Veneer" made by thinly peeling the surface of high-quality materials and pasting it onto other materials. The beautiful oak grain is well expressed even when painted in deep black.

Black Walnut NA - It grows over time in severe cold conditions, so it has a hard and tenacious material, and is lightweight and easy to handle. From the sapwood to the heartwood, various colors create gradations to create a beautiful look.

Birch NA - The material is heavy and hard, the color is light reddish brown, and the longer it is used, the more sophisticated the color changes. It is known as the Queen of Hokkaido broad-leaved trees for its light pink, elegant texture and even and detailed wood texture, which has been favored by many people for many years.

Birch BL (Black color) - "Veneer" made by thinly peeling the surface of high-quality materials and pasting it onto other materials. The deep black paint is attractive for its stylishness that matches home appliances and PC devices.


Takashi Kirimoto

Born in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture in 1973. 1996 Graduated from Musashino Art University. 1998 Graduated from the same graduate school / Loyalty contract with Iday Co., Ltd. After that, I went to Toi. Moved to Milan, designing mainly on furniture. Currently, he is engaged in product development with Italian manufacturers such as glass furniture manufacturers and Japanese manufacturers.

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