Moon Storage

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38 cm
12 cm
Maple laminated plywood


“Moon” is a beautiful wall storage that is a half-opening that incorporates the values ​​of traditional Japanese beauty into convenient modern storage furniture. The novel opening and closing mechanism, which can be opened by turning it, can be fixed at any angle of 360 °, allowing both “open doors” and “beautiful appearance” to take things out quickly. A world-class Japanese design by Yu Nomura, who won the design competition at the IFDA International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa 2014. It is as beautiful as the phases of the moon, and it makes your life more convenient and beautiful.



A round object floating softly on the wall. Looking closer, it is made of wood, reflecting a lustrous wood texture. Most people wonder why such a thing is here? With such a question, if you slide the front lid, you will be surprised that the storage shelf will appear there. This artistic shelf, as if it were exhibited in a museum abroad, was created by a designer from Asahikawa, Yu Nomura. After graduating from Tokyo University of Art and Design, he is an up-and-coming designer with many award-winning exhibits at domestic and international exhibitions. A well-established “Daisetsu Woodworking” carving the history of its founding in Hokkaido in 1983 is a faithful reproduction of his design. The company has one of the largest scales in Hokkaido and is a proud product made using all kinds of machinery and technologies. In 2014, he won the IFDA International Furniture Design Competition, and his design and high technology were recognized.



The name is "moon". As the name suggests, it is an emotional dish, as if the moon were scattered. When you do not want to show the contents, close it, and when you open it, change the angle of the lid to attract various expressions. The atmosphere like a Nordic design that has a Japanese atmosphere but also fits nicely into the Western interior will be loved by everyone regardless of age and gender. Delivery is wrapped in a beautiful makeup box, perfect for gifts.


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    A mirror type that is perfect for trimming your grooming .
    There are four different colors for the front lid, one of which has a mirror surface. It's perfect for installing at the entrance, in the bathroom, or in the bathroom. It is also convenient for storing grooming goods, and closing the lid allows you to hide items full of life. Don't panic for a sudden customer. In addition, it can protect valuables such as keys and seals from trouble, and is a smart shelf that combines beauty and functionality.

    身だしなみを整えるのも ぴったりなミラータイプ。

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    Gentle colors shine in simple shapes .
    In addition to the mirror, three colors are available: blue, green, and gray. All are finished in a soothing color and matte texture reminiscent of nature. For this reason I think it able to use your without discomfort to any room. The size is 38cm in diameter x 12cm in thickness and the storage capacity is outstanding. Rhythms are created when arranged in different colors, creating a more stylish atmosphere.

    シンプルな形に 優しい色合いが映える。

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    The balance between the material and the structure that are carefully selected.
    The material is maple. The attractive white wood skin and refined grain are attractive. Maple grown in cold climates has been carefully and carefully stacked with annual rings, and its appearance is so hard that the wood is hard, making it an ideal material for furniture. It is extremely difficult to use the rare material luxuriously with natural wood and molding it into a circular shape, but it is finished one by one with excellent craftsmanship. Laminated plywood with a thickness of 6mm has excellent strength and gives a clear impression at the same time.

    こだわり抜いた 素材と構造のバランス。