PURO Low Cabinet

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PURO 084:
84x35x133 cm
PURO 124:
124x35x133 cm
Belize wood


Designed by: Mr Nobuo Mori

Simple and dynamic design to feel the beauty of solid wood. 

The PURO range, has its origins in Flanders region spanning Belgium, France and the Netherlands. We call it “Flanders Modern”, a unique form of modernism characterized by minimalist design using all-natural materials wherever possible. The pure furniture series for the wealthy life. The PURO range uses a handsome timber with a distinctive grain know as belize that is reminiscent of the Chinese quince. Where possible, we strive to accentuate the inherent appeal of natural wood by using solid belize for legs, fascia panels and table tops.

Flemish modern

PURO incorporates design features originating from the Flemish region, which straddles the Netherlands, Belgium and France. We named this design "Flemish Modern", which incorporates a unique modernist design that uses plenty of materials and is minimalistic.

About materials
The main material is a beautiful wood called "Belise", which has a unique grain similar to Chinese quince. In addition, in order to bring out the value of solid wood, we use solid Belize wood not only for the top but also for the legs and front panel.




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