NIHON BED Silky Couture Mattress

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Silky Couture
W98 x L195 x H26 cm
W120 x L195 x H26 cm
W140 x L195 x H26 cm
W160 x L195 x H26 cm



Natural goodness, polite hand finish. It is a mattress made by historical manufacturers of the technology.

Moisture absorption and desorption of natural materials, we use highly dense urethane with moisture absorbing and releasing in the middle layer.

To maximize the merit of the material that matches the climate of Japan, we are finishing it with craftsman hand tufts so that you can use it for a long time.

"Hand tufting" is a classic technique to tighten yarns, stuffing and coils with threads.

Tufting buttons are made of a bunch of yarn so that there is no discomfort in the body.

The exterior is elegant to the last. We finished carefully one by one slowly.

Elasticity with a sense of class and a pleasant feeling unique to the silk layer. We are delighted to be proud of the most historic mattress manufacturer in Japan.

Good quality natural materials, carefully hand-finished. It is a mattress that the historical manufacturer has made the best of its technology.

A hand-finished (hand-tufted) structure that is rare in the world.

Rare domestic silk is layered with wool and spread all over the surface layer. Taking advantage of the natural moisture absorption and desorption properties of natural materials,

The middle layer also uses high-density urethane with moisture absorption and desorption properties.

It is hand-tufted by craftsmen so that it can be used for a long time by maximizing the goodness of the material that matches the climate of Japan.

"Hand tufting" is a classic technique in which cotton, padding and coils are tightly tied together with threads.

The tufting buttons are made from bundles of yarn so that they fit comfortably on the body.

The appearance is elegant. Slowly and carefully finished one by one.

Elasticity with a sense of class and a unique comfortable feel of the silk layer. We take pride in being the mattress manufacturer with the longest history in Japan.




Size Number of Springs
S-Single 1200
SD - Semi-Double 1520
D-Double 1760
CQ-Queen 2000

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