Ufuyuoke Baby Bath Tub

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Vertical 70cm / Horizontal 40cm / Height 30cm
Kiso Sawara, Stainless Steel Hoop (Black Color)
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Ufuyuoke Baby Bath Tub

It's a baby bath that makes you smile every time you use it and touch it. I think that babies who are born and grow up with trees are very happy. You will grow up surrounded by the blessings of nature, grow up healthy, and become an adult who can value nature. The Ufuyu Oke is made with love, care, and selection of materials for the mom and dad who is raising children.

The "Ufufuyuoke," which is hand-made by craftsmen using high quality Sawara, is also a branch of the Kiso forest. We hope that this product will not only be used as a bathtub for a short period of time, but also as a symbol of "a tree-friendly life" by making full use of its simple design.

*This item is a made-to-order product. Please allow time for the delivery date.


Commitment 01

Designed to look like a "life that values ​​everyday life"
Even after the birth of a baby, the number of moms and dads who want to feel good and value their own lifestyle is increasing.
However, the destructive power of the pastel-colored baby bath that we purchased or rented when needed was very powerful. Old-fashioned wooden pail is too pure Japanese style and doesn't suit modern space.
But it's okay if you use "Ufuyu tub". Pay attention to the modern form that was not available in the traditional wooden pail and the thin black tag that does not interfere with the modern interior. Of course, not only the appearance but also a lot of ideas considering usability. There is no other original design.


Commitment 02

Made of Sawara wood with a relaxing scent and texture.
The most distinctive feature of the tree, Sawara, is the gentle and refreshing scent that rises as soon as pouring hot water. Please take a deep breath, the effect is just a forest bath. It contains ingredients such as α-pinene, which makes both baby and adult feel relaxed and relaxed, and invites you to a restful sleep, and α-casinoal, which has an excellent antibacterial effect. In addition, the soft and warm feeling is pleasant and will have a positive effect on the emotion of the baby.

*Caution: There are rare people who are allergic to a specific wood. Should you experience any symptoms, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.


Commitment 03

Proposal of "diversification idea" that can be used forever.
Some moms and dads may think, "It's a waste because it can only be used for a few months when it is used only as a bath for producing hot springs." We thought so too. Therefore, in order to continue to use the high-quality wooden pail for a long time, we will propose multiple “diversification ideas” together. After all, the craftsmen hand-made each one is "real", and it has a simple design, so even with a little ingenuity, wonderful usages will spring up. Please devise your own way of using it as part of a tree-friendly life.



There are reasons for the shape of a crown or the stopper of a belly.

  • Shape like a crown - Waves have been added to make it easy for the mom's and dad's arms to hold the baby. You can wash it with a stable movement without getting tired.

Shape like a crown

  • 3 holes in front and back - At the same time acting as the handle, it also plays a role in keeping the amount of hot water just right by allowing the overflow of hot water from the hole.

3 holes in front and back

  • A plug like a belly - A drainage hole is provided at the bottom so that you can drain hot water without turning the tub upside down, and a round stopper is attached that is easy to grasp and does not hurt even if it hits the baby's body.

A plug like a belly

  • Make a stronger slope than usual - Normally, it is a gentle slope, but we paid particular attention to make it easier to match the dimensions of various sinks and to create a fresh and smart impression. It seems to be a very troublesome process for craftsmen.

Make a stronger slope than usual

  • Tree species selection from the perspective of academia - We asked Mr. Mitsukatsu Yatagai (Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo) to be an advisor in order to select the most suitable wood from the five trees of Kiso.

Tree species selection from the perspective of academia

  • A size that fits in a home sink - The longer side has a width of 70cm and the shorter one has a depth of 40cm. It's a size that fits perfectly in your home sink. If you put a towel on the kitchen table or table and stand by, even a mom and dad will be able to bathe smoothly.

A size that fits in a home sink

After graduating from the hot spring bath, please continue living with a tree for a long time. Here are some suggestions for recommended diversion / remake ideas. I would appreciate your reference.

  • 01 Picnic table - When moving, use a basket, turn it over when you arrive, put a board on the table.

Picnic table Basket when moving, turn over when you arrive, put a board on the table.

  • 02 Toy box with casters - For toy-only vehicles. Attach casters and proceed with departure through the string!

Toy box with casters For toys only.  Attach casters and proceed with departure through the string!

  • 03 Foot bath - The wave like a crown is a good shape to put your feet on.

Footbath A wave like a crown is shaped to fit your feet.

**For the toy box and picnic table, we prepared an option (sold separately) for casters and lids that can be attached with Velcro for easy remake.

To keep using it with care.
This product does not use any chemical products such as unpainted and unbleached chemicals, in order to take advantage of the baby's safety and the solid texture of wood. In addition, we make each one by hand using the traditional method.

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