Edo Ohitsu 1 Shaku Rice Container

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¥25,778.50 - ¥41,965.00




Outside Diameter 30cm / Height 19cm (excluding lid)
1-ft. 1-inch:
Outer Diameter 33cm / Height 22.5cm (excluding lid)
1-ft. 2-inch:
Outside Diameter 36cm / Height 24.5cm (excluding lid)
Sawara, Copper Hoop


***Made To Order

Japanese life with delicious rice in ohitsu
Wooden rice bucket “Ohitsu” has been used in the life of Japanese people.
Now, most Japanese people cook rice with electrical rice cooker. However, ohitsu has been still popular.
What is the attractive point of it?

The wooden rice bucket from Azmaya is made of Kiso sawara cypress. Kiso sawara cypress is one of the “5 trees of Kiso.” Of the valuable Kiso sawara cypress, craftsmen use only the straight-grained lumber.

The beautiful surface of straight grain.
Hoops tightened by craftsmen.
We can see simple beauty in the ohitsu of azmaya.

In fact, wooden rice bucket is a very useful kitchenware.
Japan Design Store recommends this ohitsu from azmaya with a confidence.

Delicious rice in ohitsu

When you open the lid, you can see tasty-looking white rice in ohitsu.
Beautiful wooden rice bucket on the dinner table. It makes a warm atmosphere in the dining room.
You can feel happy when you scoop rice from ohitsu.

The white rice in wooden rice bucket is delicious. If you are rice lover, please try it.

Kiso sawara cypress is water proof and hygroscopic. Straight-grained Kiso sawara cypress has great hygroscopic effect especially.
When you put just-cooked rice into the ohitsu, the wood absorbs extra water and keep adequate moisture.

In this way, wooden rice bucket extract good taste and sweetness of rice. In addition, it makes rice give off an aroma. Furthermore, ohitsu keeps adequate firmness.

The reason of long popularity of ohitsu is its effect of keeping rice delicious.
Also, Kiso sawara cypress has high acid resistance. So, you can make delicious sushi rice with it.

Unrealizable taste by thermos rice cooker

Electrical rice cooker is useful. However, if we keep the rice for a long time, some of the rice become hard.

Electrical rice cooker can keep the temperature of rice. However, it cannot keep the balance of moisture of rice. If you keep rice in the rice cooker for a long time, the rice become hard, yellow, or some bad smell.

Some people keep rice in the rice cooker without thermos function. However, the rice may rot or cause mold.

“How can I keep delicious rice cooked with rice cooker?”
Please use ohitsu! Just remove rice from cooker, and move it into ohitsu.
Wooden rice bucket can keep adequate moisture of rice. Best condition of rice remains.

The water absorbed by ohitsu will stay in the wood. Wood of the ohitsu breathe in and out moisture.

This is the reason why ohitsu can keep the taste of rice. In addition, you can save the electricity by keeping rice in the wooden rice bucket.

If you cook rice with donabe or pot, please use ohitsu together. Wooden rice bucket can keep the best moisture of rice.