Edo Ohitsu Rice Container

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Outer Diameter 15cm / Height 11.5cm (excluding lid)
Outer Diameter 18cm / Height 13cm (excluding lid)
Outer Diameter 21cm / Height 15cm (excluding lid)
Outer Diameter 24cm / Height 16.5cm (excluding lid)
Outer Diameter 27cm / Height 18cm (excluding lid)
Sawara, Copper Hoop



Edo Ohitsu Rice Container

Craftsmen are making with heart, using carefully selected Sawara.
Eat plenty of fluffy, shiny rice every day from "Ohitsu". Then you want to eat deliciously.
Put the freshly cooked rice in a diaper, cover it, and wait for a while. Immediately after opening the lid, the scent is indescribable.
Moreover, the rice is shiny and plump.
Let's have rice in a bowl. I can't stand it anymore. Please enjoy delicious rice.
We have various sizes from mini size that can be used even if you live alone to commercial size.

How to use ohitsu

One the rice has been cooked, transfer it to the ohitsu as it is.Just by putting the cooked rice in the ohitsu and its deliciousness can be preserved.When cooked rice is stored in a rice cooker, the surface may become dry and the rice become hard after half a day has passed. However, an ohitsu adjusts the moisture of the whole batch of rice, so it can preserve the moisture of the rice deliciously for around half a day.
Once you’ve finished using the ohitsu, using a sponge, wash it off with water (cool or lukewarm).If possible, we recommended rinsing it off with hot water afterwards. Dry it off in a shaded, well-ventilated area.
※ Take care not to leave it face down, allowing the open-end to face upward.

aving and economy by using an ohitsu

preservation by using an ohitsu Energysaving

Take for example 4.5-go (about 675 grams) of cooked rice,
cooked in the morning using an IH rice cooker: Approximate electricity cost if kept until dinner will be about 8 ~ 9 yen.
4.5-go (about 675 grams) of cooked rice, cooked in the morning using an IH rice cooker, if kept in an ohitsu until dinner and warmed in a microwave before eating: Approximate electricity cost will be about 4~ 5 yen.
It is possible to save around half of the electricity cost just by using an ohitsu.
Furthermore, if you use an ohitsu on a daily basis, you can save energy without wasting electricity, helping to save energy and contributing to CO2 reduction.It is an excellent tool for the environment, the wallet and the individual.

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