CELESTIA Dresser & Stool

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dresser Materials:
MDF (lacquered), tempered glass (5mm thick), steel (epoxy resin), mirror (3mm thick)
stool materials:
steel (epoxy resin), synthetic leather, urethane
Dresser size:
width 72 x depth 41 x height 132 cm
stool size:
38.5 x depth 38.5 x height 43 cm
Country of Origin:


A dresser and stool from "Celestia" that has a beautiful curved wrought iron design, luxurious gold colour, and cute cat legs.

It is a dresser that pursues ease of use with a convenient movable wide mirror, a glass top plate that allows you to see the storage space, and a round stool that is comfortable to sit on.

A dresser that combines design and convenience is sure to make your daily makeup fun.


The most important mirror in a dresser is a convenient movable mirror whose angle can be adjusted around the left and right screws. You can use it by changing the angle according to your height and situation!

The size is a wide type with a width of 28 x height of 36 cm. The upper half of the body can be seen with plenty of room, so you can check the hair and accessories perfectly♪

The mirror uses a 3mm thick mirror with a shatterproof sheet attached. It is a lightweight, durable, distortion-free, clear material. Detailed work such as eye makeup can also be clearly captured.

You can use the curved lines to hang accessories and miscellaneous goods on the decoration part around it, or decorate it with magnetic accessories.




The top plate, which has an impressive transparent glass, is made of 5mm thick tempered glass. It is a tempered glass top plate that is hard to break and safe .
Since it is made of glass, even if it gets dirty, it can be wiped clean. There is also a suction cup on the corner to prevent it from slipping, so you can use it with confidence.

There is a storage space under the top plate , and you can store plenty of cosmetics and small items necessary for makeup, such as brushes, cosmetics, and nail polish.

The storage base is made of highly stable medium-density fibreboard painted in a warm cream colour.

Because it is a glass top plate, you can immediately see what you have placed, and it is easy to take out and very convenient ♪ You can enjoy attractive storage.



A circular stool with an impressive combination of soft creamy white colour and gold cat legs.
The thick seat upholstery is made of luxurious synthetic leather. The material is resistant to water and dirt, so when it gets dirty, just wipe it with a cloth.

The cushion material is made of soft and fluffy urethane so that you won't get tired even if you sit for a long time .

The lower part of the stool can also be used as a storage space, so you can also store tissues and stock supplies.

In addition to the dresser, you can also use it as an entrance chair or when you suddenly have a visitor. When not in use, the stool can be stored under the dresser so it doesn't get in the way and keeps the room clean




 An iron dresser with a beautiful curved design. Since it is something that you will use every day,

we are particular about not only the appearance but also the materials.
The mirror has a shatterproof sheet attached , so even if it breaks,

the fragments will not scatter, making it safe and secure.

The dresser frame and stool legs are made of safe and strong steel.

The coating is an epoxy resin powder coating with excellent water resistance, weather resistance, and heat resistance.

The dresser comes with an adjuster to reduce rattling due to uneven floors and tilts. The stool has a non-slip cushion.


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