CELESTIA Entrance chair

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Upholstery: synthetic leather (PU), urethane, plywood, steel (powder coating)
Width 51 x Depth 31 x Height 42 cm
country of origin:



An entrance chair from the popular "Celestia" series, featuring a refined design with curved decorations and antique gold that exudes comfort.

The cushioned seat is comfortable to sit on and makes it easy to put on and take off your shoes. There is a shelf under the seat where shoes and entrance supplies can be placed, and the entrance is neat ♪

The compact chair does not feel oppressive, and the cute and cute cat legs create a cute and gorgeous atmosphere at the entrance.



The front door is the face of your home, the first thing your guests will see. What you put in the entrance will change the impressions.

The clean and luxurious white synthetic leather (PVC) seat, the beautiful curved line art, and the smooth floor design make it stand out just by being placed at the entrance. 

It is easy to use and makes the operation at the entrance smoother. 


It is troublesome to squat down and wear shoes that cannot be put on right away, such as lace-up shoes and boots. If you have this entrance chair, it is convenient for you to tie your shoelaces, raise the chucks of your boots, and put on and take off your shoes. 

There is a width of 32cm and depth of 17cm under the seat that can be used to store shoes, slippers, and entrance accessories. It is also breathable, so it is perfect for drying shoes that get wet in the rain. 


Deep comfortable seat is covered with PU synthetic leather, since it contains urethane with excellence heat resistance and durability. Ideal for entrances with a lot of rain and dust. 

With adjuster on the leg tip to reduce rattling due to tilting and unevenness of the floor. It can be easily adjusted by turning it.

The product is a finished product that does not require troublesome assembly!

Ready to use!

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