CODAMA Living Board

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  • CODAMA Living Board
  • CODAMA Living Board
  • CODAMA Living Board
  • CODAMA Living Board
  • CODAMA Living Board
  • CODAMA Living Board
  • CODAMA Living Board
  • CODAMA Living Board
  • CODAMA Living Board
  • CODAMA Living Board
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LB-2 Door:
W84.2 × D40 × H87cm
LB-3 Door:
W122.7 × D40 × H87cm
LB-4 Door:
W161.2 × D40 × H87cm


The CO / DA / MA series is based on the “twigs” of trees in nature, and the unique door design is very impressive. The thin line, which is slightly inclined like a V, is like a twig that stretches out a thin branch in the forest and shakes in the wind. The sight of trees whispering is reminiscent of the busy life of time, so that you can relax and relax. Because it is urethane coated, it can be easily cleaned, is resistant to stains and scratches, and has a glossy wooden skin. The door is a push-open type that opens when pressed, and is available in three sizes: two doors, three doors, and four doors.



This is a walnut living board, one of the CO, DA and MA series designed by Hokkaido heavy snow woodworker and designer Mr. Okabe.
The design of the door is unique, looks like a geometric pattern and is very impressive. A thin line that is slightly inclined like a V-shape is like a twig that stretches out a thin branch in the forest and shakes in the wind. The scene comes to mind as if the twigs are whispering.
The warmth of a natural tree makes you feel at ease even when you are nearby, and when you notice it, you can relax with your body. This living board is convenient because it can store small to slightly larger items to spend a relaxing space comfortably.
There is also pleasure to make effective use of the space above. For example, you may want to decorate your favorite pictures or hobby figurines. Applying a nicely patterned cloth will change the impression of the room.
The furniture is 1620mm wide and horizontally long, so some space needs to be secured. Please confirm before purchase.



  • lbd02.jpg

    A door full of natural warmth with a twig motif .
    A sprig that continues to grow slimly and flexibly in nature. It is a door design that feels the warmth of the forest, where such twigs of trees overlap. If you look closely, you can see that the center of the living board is the boundary and the left and right are symmetrical. The line that looks like a thin V-shape seems to be irregular, and in fact it is arranged regularly with the V-shape turned around. It can be said that such a calculated functional design. Since the height of the furniture is low, you do not feel much pressure in the room.

    小枝をモチーフとした 自然の温かみ溢れる扉。

  • lbd03.jpg

    Beautiful "flowing straight grain" with a texture close to solid wood .
    The material walnut is a deep and deep material. In order to bring out the beauty to the maximum, we are particular about tree harvesting. This is because the expression of the grain is completely different depending on the cutting method. Rather than straight grain, the grain of wood is aligned in parallel, it is finished in "flowing grain", which gradually becomes grain from straight grain. We will deliver the expression of the grain of wood, which is close to solid wood, produced by craftsmen. Urethane coating makes it easy to clean, resistant to stains and scratches, and has a grainy finish.

    無垢材に近い質感の 美しい“流れ柾目”。

  • lbd04.jpg

    Easy-to-use large-capacity storage.
    I used a walnut that has a sense of luxury, a solid and deep color. Since it is processed with urethane paint, it can be easily cleaned, is resistant to stains and scratches, and has a glossy skin. There are two storage spaces symmetrically, and there are four doors, two places on the left and right. Both are push-open types that open with a simple push. The shelves are movable and come with two pieces each, for a total of four pieces. The size is 1620mm in width and 870mm in height. The depth is 400mm.

    使い勝手のいい 大容量収納。


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