LITERIE Hotel pillow L size

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(W)70 × (L)50cm
core material:
Grain Cotton (100% Polyester) / Light Wave (100% Polyethylene)
side material:
Outer side: 100% cotton / Inside: 100% polyester
Country of Origin:



The ultimate in comfort for a refreshing start to the day


It is no exaggeration to say that sleep determines the quality of your day .
Hotel-like softness and light wave elasticity provide a good night's sleep and provide a refreshing start to the day.

Recommended for those who:

  • sleeping softly in the hotel
  • Those who want a pillow that feels like
  • While there is also a soft feeling strong elasticity If you prefer pillows with adjust the height of the pillow
  • Those who want to reduce the burden on their neck and shoulders a pillow always clean who want to keep



No more worries about pillows Moderate elasticity reduces the burden on the body

While the voluminous grain cotton gently wraps around your head, the repulsive force of the light waves firmly supports your head and neck.

A pillow with a new tactile feel was born.



Ease of tossing and turning promotes high-quality sleep
It is said that we spend about one-third of our lives asleep, so it is ideal to have the correct posture and be in a state where it is easy to move even when you are asleep. Litery believes that improving the quality of your sleep can keep you physically and mentally healthy.


The best height for each person 2 levels of height adjustment 
The height can be adjusted by inserting and removing the two light waves (25 mm thick) installed inside,

so you can maintain a sleeping posture that does not strain your neck and help you breathe during sleep.



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