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MOBEL Maru Stool

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  • MOBEL Maru Stool
  • Walnut / Oak
  • Walnut / Oak
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • MOBEL Maru Stool
  • MOBEL Maru Stool
  • MOBEL Maru Stool
  • MOBEL Maru Stool
  • MOBEL Maru Stool
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S$349.53 - S$399.46


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[Custom-made] This product will be made-to-order. Please allow 2 months for delivery.
Oak / Walnut
Urethane paint
load capacity:
About 130kg
country origin:



Mobel Toko / Round Stool

A sense of familiarity with modern interiors.

It is a stool that you can use freely according to your daily life. It will also be useful as a small stepping stone, a stool for a break, and an entrance. Stacking is possible, so no matter how many you have, it's compact and doesn't take up much space. You can choose from solid wood of walnut, oak, cherry and three tree species to suit your room. A solid wood stool with a good taste and functionality that fits well with modern interiors will surely give a warm light to your heart. The flowing grain is different one by one, and no two are the same. It's a beautiful stool that you can use for a long time after it grows in the forest.

Round stool

A royal round stool that has been designed and detailed. A beautiful seat with two grooves that combine a non-slip shape that draws a perfect circle and a design, and four legs that gradually taper. The shape that the diagonal material firmly receives it is exactly the ideal system of stool. The individual parts are combined with perfect finish.

Materials and quality that can be used forever. We prepared Walnut and Oak (Nara). Please choose according to the interior. Urethane coating makes it strong against dirt and easy to clean. All parts are made of solid wood, so they have a warm touch.

Store even if there are many. The beautifully shaped round stool has outstanding stacking ability. If you stack them and put them in the corner, they will not get in the way. Since the cushioning packing is attached to the contact surface with the seating surface, it prevents the trees from hitting each other and helps prevent scratches.

The secret of beauty lies in good quality materials. The natural wood color is Oak. The brown color is Walnut. If you look closely, you can see that each grain is different. If you look at such a place, you can feel the depth of the tree. Somehow the seating joints even seem to tell the trees how they have lived so far.

φ270 x H435 mm

Wood Tree Species

Oak - The strong and fearless wood grain gives it a unique presence. In addition, because of its unique fiber structure, sometimes a grain of wood that resembles the shape of a tiger's back, called "Trafu", appears, giving you a unique look.

Black Walnut - It grows over time in the harsh cold, so it has a hard and tenacious material, and is lightweight and easy to handle. Various colors draw gradations from sapwood to heartwood to create a beautiful look.

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