MOBEL Wedge Stool

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  • MOBEL Wedge Stool
  • MOBEL Wedge Stool
  • MOBEL Wedge Stool
  • MOBEL Wedge Stool
  • MOBEL Wedge Stool
  • MOBEL Wedge Stool
  • MOBEL Wedge Stool
  • MOBEL Wedge Stool
  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Tamo
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[Custom-made] This product will be made-to-order. Please allow 2 months for delivery.
Oak / Walnut / Maple / Cherry / Tamo (Japanese Ash)
Urethane paint
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Mobel Toko / Wedge Stool

Comfortable and gentle curve in a slim form.

It's a handy stool that you don't always use, but it's useful. However, there is no place to put it and it may get in the way ... I highly recommend this "wedge stool". Very slim and compact design that can be placed anywhere. The stylish appearance is like an object.

wedge stool

Not just simple, but a calculated form.

There is no backrest or elbow rest, and there is only the seat surface. It has slim legs, but it's easy to worry that a big man can sit down. But don't worry, well-established craftsmen won't choose a person to sit on a stool that they have confidently finished.
The slightly curved seating surface comfortably fits around the waist, providing excellent stability even when a large man sits down. It is a convenient stool that can be smartly recommended to sudden customers.

wedge stool

A "skill" handcrafted on the seat, a four-way handle.

It's not only compact and easy to sit. This stool is very easy to carry. The secret is the groove on the back of the seat, where your fingers can easily enter. Moreover, since it is applied in all four directions, you can easily lift it from any position and it is very convenient. Since it uses a solid material, it feels a little heavy when lifted normally, but it feels light when using this handle. It is a product that not only looks but also is easy to use.

wedge stool

Detail that can not be thought of as a joint. Design that takes advantage of the characteristics of wood.

Generally, the legs of the chair are placed behind the seat so that the joints cannot be seen. The design of this stool is to show it off. Also, no matter where you take the tree, it is not the same color and quality, but the name is attached to each part such as “core material”, “sapwood”, “grain”, and each has its own character. Therefore, the legs arranged so that the cross section of the tree is shown in this way are the same tree but have different colors. It can be said that the idea is unique to craftsmen who know everything about wood.

wedge stool

The attention of the craftsmen who pay attention to the invisible places.

Please choose from 5 types of materials. All of the famous trees are Oak with a strong wood grain, fresh white Hard Maple, calming Walnut, Black Cherry with a beautiful gloss and vividness, and rustic and friendly color Tamo. Also, although it is a small chair, the presence of the material makes it feel "real". All of them are heavy-duty materials, so it is natural that the burden on the floor is great. So I put a cushioning material on the bottom of the foot. I feel the kindness of the craftsman in the invisible part.

W420 × D310 × H415 mm

Wood Tree Species

Oak - The strong and fearless wood grain gives it a unique presence. In addition, because of the unique fiber structure, sometimes a grain of wood called "Trafu", which resembles the pattern on the back of a tiger, appears, giving you a unique look.

Hard Maple - Maple, which has a white skin and is bright and transparent, is also called "wood pearl". Therefore, it makes the space feel clean and spacious, and wraps it up in a bright and clean image.

Black Walnut - It grows over time in the harsh cold, so it has a hard and tenacious material, and is lightweight and easy to handle. Various colors draw gradations from sapwood to heartwood to create a beautiful look.

Black Cherry - Due to shrinkage that occurs during the growth process, a pattern called "sazanami crest" may appear. It changes its color to candy with each passing year, and it has become very popular worldwide as a wood that can enjoy its charm for many years. 

Tamo (Japanese Ash) - The boundaries of the heart sapwood are clear, the sapwood is a pale yellowish white color, and the heartwood is a dull brown color. The annual ring has a clear and beautiful heather. Because it is strong and elastic, it is useful as an exercise equipment such as bats, rackets, and skis.

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