MOBEL Rein Center Table

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  • MOBEL Rein Center Table
  • MOBEL Rein Center Table
  • MOBEL Rein Center Table
  • MOBEL Rein Center Table
  • MOBEL Rein Center Table
  • MOBEL Rein Center Table
  • MOBEL Rein Center Table
  • MOBEL Rein Center Table
  • MOBEL Rein Center Table
  • MOBEL Rein Center Table
  • MOBEL Rein Center Table
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Urethane paint
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Mobel Toko / Rein Center Table

The uniform grain makes up a beautiful design.

Mabel Touko has a workshop in Hokkaido, cultivated in magnificent nature, in which Asahikawa is famous nationwide as a city of furniture. The "rein" series was created by a long-established workshop that has a history of more than 40 years, with a focus on quality, design, and ease of use.
The designer is Noriyuki Ebina. He has won numerous awards and has also designed chairs for the global furniture brand "arflex". Now making furniture with the concept of "making things that people will love for a long time", focusing on local activities. This center table was filled with that feeling.
A neat and tidy wood grain, a smooth finish with all the corners removed, and a convenient shelf and drawer for storage. It's simple, but you can feel the attention to detail and kindness. The light impression also makes the living room look wider. Also, except for the top plate, plenty of solid oak wood is used, giving it a luxurious feel even in a rustic atmosphere.

A convenient drawer that can be used from both sides.

Surprisingly there are few center tables with drawers and shelves. When you go out for dinner, I think everybody has had a problem with "luggage storage". At that time, it would be helpful to have a shelf under the table. It's the same at tables as it doesn't have such shelves as fashionable stores. However, this "rein" combines design and functionality to create a finish that does not give a sense of life. You can store magazines you read on the shelves, and remote controls on the drawers. 

Veneered wood grain lined up in a wavy pattern.

"Veneer" is used for the top plate. A veneer is a board made by slicing rare and expensive wood and attaching it to another tree. Compared to solid wood, it is cheaper and lighter, and the texture and texture are almost the same as those of solid wood. It is a technology that makes it possible to make designs that are difficult with solid wood, such as aligning the wood grain beautifully. The beautiful finish, which is slightly different from the so-called "plywood", gives a high-class feel that is comparable to that of solid wood. 

A durable coating with a durable structure.To join the legs, we used a technique called "finger joint" because it looks like the fingers of both hands overlap. In addition to being visually appealing, it has a larger contact area compared to joining flat surfaces, resulting in much stronger strength, which is durable and long lasting. In addition, even when touching the joint, we polished it so smoothly that we could not see the joint, and we paid particular attention to a comfortable feeling. And it is carefully coated with high-quality urethane so as not to spoil the rich texture and protects the whole.

W1100 x D600 x H407 mm

Inner Dimensions
① Drawer W334 x D222 x H65 mm (Drawers are in two directions)

Wood Tree Species

Oak - Powerful and fearless wood grain gives a unique presence. In addition, because of the unique fiber structure, sometimes a grain of wood called "Trafu", which resembles the pattern on the back of a tiger, appears, giving you a unique look.


Noriyuki Ebina

After graduating from the design department of Hokkaido Tokai University in 1982, established Prime Design Office after working at Kenmochi Design Institute, Products Design Office, and Asahikawa Furniture Maker. 1996 International Furniture Competition Asahikawa 96 Silver Award (highest award from the Japanese past) and many other international furniture design competitions. I am mainly active in designing furniture. We design a wide range of furniture such as chairs and cabinets.

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