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Taisetsu Flavor Display Sideboard

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W1201 x D360 x H850mm
W1593 × D360 × H850mm
Walnut / natural stone
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S$3,745.00 - S$4,307.43


A warranty card is included with all furniture. If something happens within the …


A warranty card is included with all furniture. If something happens within the first year of your purchase, please contact us immediately. We will respond politely. The warranty period is one year from the date of product delivery. If the product is damaged due to normal use within the warranty period, we will repair and handle it free of charge.


Taisetsu Woodwork / Flavor Gallery Cabinet


Co-starring marble, glass and light on the stage of walnut.

A cabinet that is simple yet easy to use. The deep brown color of wood is also perfect for adult interiors. And what is worrisome is the gray front plate that occupies half of the front. This material is actually "natural stone". There are various kinds of furniture in the world, but the ones made of stone are very rare and unique. This unique cabinet was born at the long-established store "Daisetsu Woodworking" at the foot of "Daisetsuzan", the highest peak in Hokkaido. Daisetsuzan National Park, which includes Daisetsuzan, has almost the same area as Kanagawa Prefecture, and is blessed with high-quality resources cultivated in its vast nature. Of course, the quality and quantity of wood is one of the best in Japan. I will. We made such a beautiful cabinet by making full use of the material.

The extremely simple design is a showcase of craftsmanship.

Simple = not easy. Very high technology is required to finish such a design that does not give a chance to be deceived. We are fully aware of the characteristics of wood and commercialize it with the utmost care so as not to spoil the attractiveness of the material. Taisetsu Woodworking is a long-established store founded in 1983, and is one of the largest furniture makers in Hokkaido with about 10 buildings on a vast site of 2 hectares. The furniture produced by the company will surely be a good companion for many years.

The dignity and elegance that goes beyond home use.

By using natural stone for the front plate, the feeling of life disappears almost completely. Therefore, the scenes used are not limited to home use. For example, even if it is installed in a hotel or corporate lobby, it has a design that is comparable. The weight is a concern because it uses stones, but because it is sliced ​​thinly using a special technique, it is light and comfortable to use, which you cannot imagine from its profound appearance. Please enjoy the advanced techniques unique to Takumi.

The soft LED light that illuminates the back of the glass door.

It's surprising just to use stone for the door, but I'm also worried about the transparent space at the top. This is a sliding glass door, which has a large display space. You can rest assured that your precious figurines are also here, and you can always love their beautiful appearance without getting dust or dirt. Moreover, LED lights are lined up in a row in the back, and the item that floats in the dark room is the perfect beauty for the word fantastic. It creates a sense of luxury like a museum.

A heavy walnut that fits nicely in the living room.

The material is "walnut", which is deep brown and is perfect for adult interiors. It is a famous tree that has been useful as the finest material for hundreds of years, mainly in Europe and the United States. The wood is solid and has the same atmosphere, and the grain is beautiful. As the years go by, the mellow luster increases, and the attachment grows more and more. The rare material is used generously, and when you look at the grain of the wide top plate, you will feel graceful. Part of it is made of glass, so you can see your favorite items from above.


Overall dimensions
W1201 x D360 x H850 mm

Inner dimensions
① Shelf inside W1155 x D320 x H115 mm
② Door inside W760 x D310 x H530 mm
③ Door inside W370 x D310 x H530 mm


Overall dimensions
W1593 x D360 x H850 mm

Inner dimensions
① Shelf inside W1540 x D320 x H115 mm
② Door inside W760 x D310 x H530 mm

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