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Tendo City located in the approximate center of Yamagata Prefecture. Tendo Kikko was founded in 1940 in this town, which has long been known as the thriving town of woodworking, including the pieces of shogi.

A strong search mind, solid technology, and patience unique to Tohoku. 
Yamagata's well-received quality of work originally created a new horizon for domestic furniture by meeting the molding plywood technology that was still new in Japan at that time. 

We quickly adopted molded plywood that enables mass production of high-quality furniture in 
Japan, we not only produce strong and easy-to-use furniture, but with complex architects and designers representing Japan, complex curved surfaces that can never be achieved with solid wood We continue to challenge the making of furniture with a beautiful form.

What is good furniture? 
We believe that it is an asset that will be passed on to the next generation. 
We will meet Japanese lifestyles and deliver furniture that is passed on from parents to children and grandchildren from the birthplace, Tendo.





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