Luonto High Shelf

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  • Luonto High Shelf
  • Luonto High Shelf
  • Luonto High Shelf
  • Luonto High Shelf
  • Luonto High Shelf
  • Luonto High Shelf
  • Luonto High Shelf
  • Luonto High Shelf
  • Luonto High Shelf
  • Luonto High Shelf
  • Luonto High Shelf
  • Luonto High Shelf
  • Luonto High Shelf
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64 cm
35 cm
180 cm
Oak (Natural)


A living room without a sense of neatness is something everyone longs for. Mail, newspapers, and small daily necessities become cluttered when they are noticed. A simple shelf where you want to store such small items in a fashionable fashion. Even small objects that tend to be scattered, such as writing utensils and seals, can be hidden clearly thanks to the two drawers in the center. Since it is finished firmly to the back, it is OK even if it is arranged to look like a waist wall. The living and dining partitions allow you to hide your private space casually. Of course, it is recommended not only for home but also for shops and hospitals.



The gradually narrowing form is also very stable.

Everybody longs for a neat living room where sudden guests can be greeted with ease. However, in any home, letters and newspapers accumulate in no time, and it is inevitable that goods that are difficult to clear up are piled up at the edge of the table. We will introduce simple and stylish shelves that can quickly deal with such small things. This high shelf was born in "Daisetsu Woodworking", which is one of the largest in the furniture city of Asahikawa. Founded in 1983, many staff are producing beautiful furniture today. It is a lineup from the "luonto" series that the company recommends with confidence.




A convenient drawer. Small things are stored wisely.

Two small, shallow drawers were installed on the central shelf. We can store writing utensils or seal which we use every day smartly. The material is "Nara", a popular tree species whose ash-brown color is familiar with other interiors. "Torafu", a silver-colored grain like a tiger's fur that occasionally appears, is a collector's dream. We used such precious wood generously and finished it well. The front plate of the drawer is small, but the goodness of the material is fully conveyed.




With a neat back plate, it can also be used as a partition.

Usually, the back side of such shelves is supposed to be hidden along the wall, so most of them are inexpensive. But this Luonto shelf is perfect from every point of view. The wall-like backboard that makes use of the beauty of the wood grain can even be arranged to show. The living and dining partitions allow you to hide your private space casually. Of course, it is recommended not only for home but also for shops and hospitals.




Because you can change the height, you can enjoy decorating.

The shelf board is movable and can be changed freely according to what is placed. In other words, it can be customized not only for dining, but also for kitchens and bedrooms so that it can be used anywhere. Warm shelves not found on steel shelves are a great complement to any item. Items with a cold impression, such as home appliances and pottery, will show a calm look if arranged here. The steady construction without blurring is unique to craftsmanship.




Series can be connected and placed safely without gaps.

The Luonto series shelves have a rich lineup and can be securely connected using the included screws. By connecting it to the writing shelf 79, which can also be used as a desk, a workspace like the image at the top can be created in no time. In addition, the form where the lower part is wide and gradually narrows toward the top not only makes the room look wider, but also gives a sense of stability. By linking, the sense of stability becomes more certain.




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