Luonto Work Desk

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  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
  • Luonto Work Desk
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79 cm
45 cm
180 cm
Oak (Natural)


An open shelf that can be used as a desk, with shelves that can be used as a desk by pulling out shelves. . The neat and tidy is essential for creating the atmosphere of the room. This shelf can be used to show and hide. The drawer that is perfect for storing small items can also be used as a tray.

ルオント ライティングシェルフ


A simple design that enjoys the material with good usability.

The simpler the better, the better the material is, because the less the demonization is effective. The series name "luonto" means "natural" in Finnish. As the name implies, shelves are designed to take advantage of the properties of wood, a natural material, so that you can enjoy the warmth of wood and the beauty of wood, as well as devise a variety of ideas to make it comfortable to use. .
Designed with a strong and unique beautiful grain that is also called a tiger pattern, and considering the user, the design is, for example, a stopper on a lighting top plate that can be fixed with one touch, and a movable shelf board Is also appearing. There are various things to store and use even if you live in the same house. The furniture that the craftsman finished with sincerity in order to fulfill the user's “I want to use it this way” feels exactly the philosophy of Daisetsu Woodwork's “Fostering People and Making Furniture”. Please enjoy the gentleness and the natural warmth of the materials that are easy to use and understand.




A lighting shelf with a kindness.

The simple design, because of the confidence in natural materials, makes it possible to fully enjoy the excellent characteristics and grain of the trees.
The gentle touch and texture of the "natural" trees give the furniture a soft impression and seem to play a role in creating the overall atmosphere of the room.
Also, depending on when and when you use it with simple operation, it can quickly turn into a simple shelf or a stable writing desk. The ease of use that combines design and convenience is outstanding.




One way to assemble the material, to accent the design.

The neat and tidy is essential for creating the atmosphere of the room. This shelf has a drawer that can be used to show or hide, and has a drawer that is perfect for storing small items. We used a joint method called finger joint to make the drawer. This technique, where the joints look just like fingers crossed together, is characterized by its strength and cute appearance, and it also accentuates the overall design.




Because it is a movable shelf, you can choose any place to decorate.

The things to be stored and what you want to store differ depending on your lifestyle and family composition, and also change over the years. The shelves are designed to be movable so that you can store large picture books, decorate memorable items, increase the number of photos, and install such items at your preferred height and position. The five levels of height you can choose are easy to adjust, but of course the stability is outstanding. The design is gentle on the user as well as the wood texture and the gentle atmosphere of the design.




Since it is a stopper type top plate, it can be used with confidence.

This shelf is not only a design but also a convenience, it can be used not only as a storage shelf but also as a writing desk when needed. The sliding writing top is easy to pull out and store. In pursuit of ease of use, the top plate has been designed so that it can be fixed with a stopper. The ease and stability of removing the stopper with a single touch should surely improve reading and writing.




① shelf in the × D280 ~ W740 310 × H570mm
② lead in the D275 × × W125 H50mm
③ shelf in the × D180 × W238 H320mm
④ shelf in the W740 × D330 ~ 380 × H555mm

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