MOBEL half chair Op.1

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White Ash / Oak / Walnut
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Mobel Toko / half chair Op.1

A chair with excellent design and functionality, suitable for classical music players.

half chair Op.1 is a chair adapted to classical musicians such as cellist, violinist, or flutist. The chair design is from the Half Chair concept which keeps sitter’s back straightened up and supported at the same time.


Concept / コンセプト 

Op.1 means ‘a piece of work, number 1’ in classical music.
It is pronounced ‘opus’, commonly used for a title such as in < Concerto No. 3 Op. 1 >
Human body is a part of the instrument during a musical performance, so is the chair that supports the player’s body. Having a good support with a right angle on the chair helps the player coordinate their posture with the instrument for more satisfying performance.
half chair op.1 is made of solid wood, light weighted and space saving. Three pieces of this half sized chair can be stacked on each other. A small drawer is installed under a seat board to store accessories like rosin or instrument tuner. It comes in different wood species, such as White Ash, Oak or Walnut in different colors.

ハーフチェア オーパス.1はチェロ奏者、バイオリニスト、フルート奏者などのクラッシック音楽の奏者に適したチェアです。そのデザインは座る人の背筋を真っ直ぐに保ちながら背骨を支えるというハーフチェアのコンセプトから来ています。Op.1とはクラシック音楽において「第1作品」という意味で「オーパス」と発音され、通常下記のようにタイトルにて使用されます。

〈 Concerto No. 3 Op. 1 〉
楽器演奏の際には人の体は楽器の一部となり、奏者の体を支える椅子もまた同様です。椅子によって、正しい角度で体に適したサポートを得ることが、より良い演奏のための体勢のコントロールを容易にすることに繋がります。木製の軽量チェアのハーフチェア オーパス.1は、通常の椅子の半分程度のサイズであることから省スペースで、3脚までスタッキングが可能です。座面の下にはロジンやチューナーなどの小道具を収納するための引出が付いています。アッシュ、オーク、ウォールナットなどの樹種/カラーよりお選びいただけます。

half chair Op.1 half chair

half chair Op.1 White Ash NA

The most characteristic feature of this chair is the narrow seat depth, which is half that of a normal chair. However, at first glance, this chair looks uncomfortable and has an amazing design that allows the seated person's back to stretch naturally. Its characteristics have caught the eye of musicians, and it has become popular for maintaining an optimal posture for playing.
Also, in contrast to the gentle lines of the back plate and seat surface, the four legs stretched neatly and sharply are beautifully enchanted by the calculated shaping.
It was designed not only for appearance, but also for the purpose of straightening the posture, so there is no extra decoration, and everyone has a good impression and it is a unique yet timeless atmosphere. I find the author's words to be convincing, "inspired by a cello player sitting outside the chair and playing."

half chair Op.1 half chair

half chair Op.1 Walnut NA

A half-depth seating surface created for cellists.

In contrast to the gentle lines of the backboard and seat, the four neatly and sharply stretched legs are captivating for a beautifully shaped figure. It was designed not only for appearance, but also for the purpose of straightening the posture, so there is no extra decoration, and everyone has a good impression, and it is a unique yet timeless atmosphere. I find the author's words "inspired by the appearance of a cello player sitting on the outside of a chair and playing," which is convincing.

half chair Op.1 Oak NA

There are various uses other than sitting down.

I am happy that it is a compact size that is most suitable for the housing situation in Japan. It may be good to place it on the wall side of a simple room, or put it in the hallway and use it like an object. Of course, you can carry a bag for checking your appearance before going out at the entrance. It's simple, but it seems to be useful in various ways.

simple sculptural beauty without any decoration.

The rear view is also simple and clean. The low backrest covers the back with a gentle curve. And the backrest isn't cramped at all even if you twist your body. It is a casual chair that will be useful for sunbathing while drinking tea on the terrace in the afternoon.


The drawer at the bottom of the seat can hold small items.

How compact this half chair is, but it comes with a drawer. It's a little space, but it's good enough to put glasses and cell phones. It's convenient that you don't have to exit even if it's hard to put on the table during the meal. Also, it's compact, so it's likely to play an active role in small spaces such as the entrance hall and the restrooms. It's a luxury not only at home, as well as in high-class spaces such as in hotel rooms.

half chair Op.1 Oak NA (left) / half chair Op.1 White Ash NA (center) / half chair Op.1 White Ash BL (right)

Exquisite balance that can be understood only by using it.

The lightness that women can easily carry with one hand is nowadays. It looks delicate and has a solid sense of stability, and only the seated person can experience the surprise. When you invite many guests, when you want to substitute a dining chair or teach your child's homework... Set up seats that are not always there in a blink of an eye. The beautiful seating surface is laminated plywood, but it is a skill that only sophisticated craftsmen can do to give a high-class feeling comparable to solid wood.


Overall Dimension
W489 × D340 × H711 (SH439) mm


Wood Tree Species

Oak - Powerful and fearless wood grain gives a unique presence. In addition, because of the unique fiber structure, sometimes a grain of wood called "Trafu", which resembles the pattern on the back of a tiger, appears, giving you a unique look. 

Black Walnut - It grows over time in the harsh cold, so it has a hard and tenacious material, and is lightweight and easy to handle. Various colors draw gradations from sapwood to heartwood to create a beautiful look.

White Ash - The clean white color makes it easy to coordinate. Despite being born in a foreign country, it can be naturally blended into a Japanese-style room to create a space with a sense of taste and calmness.


Woojin Chung

Born in 1976. I am from Korea. MSc course in Furniture Design, Finland / Alto University. In 2000, I graduated from the University of Chung-Ang University of Architecture. In addition, I majored in industrial design at Gothenburg University in Sweden and studied furniture design in Finland. In 2011, we exhibited "half chair" and received International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa's highest prize "Gold Leaf".