MOBEL March Table Extension Type

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[Custom-made] This product will be made-to-order. Please allow 2 months for delivery.
82cm to 120cm
Urethane paint
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Mobel Toko / March Table

Convenient drawer and extendable top plate ... which one to choose?

It has a warm and familiar color that seems to fit any room, a beautiful bare skin with a lustrous luster, and soft curves on the corners and legs. All of this is a gentle table.
The attractive material is Oak. Since it is heavy hard, it is difficult to process, and it takes considerable skill to create such a natural curve.
In addition, there is a reputation for the beauty of wood grain, and the fur-like wood grain of tiger called "Torafu" that sometimes appears is a furniture collector's longing. Silver tiger spots shine on the grayish-brown bark.
Looking at such a wonderful grain and solid feeling, it is natural to think that the top plate is solid wood, but it is actually a veneer. It can be said to be a product unique to "MOBEL Touko", which has a particularly superior technique of "veneer" that peels off high-quality materials and sticks it to relatively inexpensive wood.

Moreover, there are two types of tables with excellent functionality, "with drawer" and "expandable top plate".
Which would you choose?

MARCH March table

A beautiful Oak veneer top plate with wood grain.

Although it is a top plate that uses a "butt plate" made by joining together wood, it is a perfect finish that you can not tell where the boundary is. Rather, it has more variety and interesting way of running wood grain than solid wood.
In addition, the veneer is attractive because it is priced lower than solid wood and allows complex processing.
The top plate, which is made with carefully selected materials and craftsmanship, has the same durability as solid wood, and is lighter than a single plate, which reduces transportation costs, assembly and movement stress.

March Table Extension Type

It's light enough for women and always flexible.

This is an expandable top plate type. Usually, it can be used by 1 to 2 people and up to 6 people. This is a convenient mechanism for two newly married children to grow as their children grow. In addition, if you live alone or only as a couple, you can use it to quickly pull out and transform into a large table when you visit. Because it is a light veneer finish, even a single woman can easily "transform". It's a smart table that matches the housing situation in Japan, so it's likely to last for a long time.

March Table Drawer Type

With a convenient drawer for your special seat.

A drawer on the dining table. It's the right size to store cutlery such as chopsticks, stationery and remote control. The dining table is also a place to write, so it's surprisingly troublesome to clean up each meal. If you keep such items for everyday use, your daily life will become smoother. Moms can help too, as they can clean up their children. Not only for dining, but also for study, bedroom, children's room, etc.

Two styles and colors to choose from.

Two drawers are attached, it is invisible and thin, and it has excellent storage capacity without disturbing. In addition, the two telescopic top plates have perfectly aligned wood grain, and the connection is a tenon type that fits a thin tree into the groove, so there is no risk of the top plate slipping or floating. And the four corners of the top plate, which are at the same height as the eyes of a small child, draw a big curve, so it is safe. Please choose from the "NA color" that makes the best use of the material and "AB color" which has an walnut-like atmosphere.


Overall Dimension
W820 (Expansion W1200)×D700×H700 mm

*Height can be customized at 69cm, 71cm, 72cm, 73cm. Please contact us for pricing details.

Wood Tree Species

Oak - Powerful and fearless wood grain gives a unique presence. In addition, because of the unique fiber structure, sometimes a grain of wood called "Trafu", which resembles the pattern on the back of a tiger, appears, giving you a unique look.

**Color variation available. Please contact us for pricing details.